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Not His Kiss to Take - Finn Marlowe Pretty good. Was expecting porn without plot, but it's a suprisingly self-contained storyline with a decent amount of development, and the author makes sure to tie up most loose ends.

I wasn't particularly convinced about Jamie's transition from rape victim to enthusiastic participant in all things anal, and Evan's remorse over the ethics of the situation came well after the fact (addressed later by, I swear to god, the weirdest justification) but whatever. Also, if you've ever had the joy of having an anal tear you'll be wincing with sympathy as Evan merrily diddles away after almost no recovery time for poor old Jamie (although apparently being young gives him some sort of superpower healing ability so take that, sphincter injury).

Still, quibbles aside the sex was hot and I had some sympathy for Evan as a character -- the narrative is mostly from his POV -- which was appropriate, given the power dynamics between the two.

A reasonable read. Not something I'd revisit, but fun enough.