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Hard Tail - J.L. Merrow I liked it for the authorial voice, as always, but that could only pull the plot along so far -- and it's an incredibly ambitious plot. Themes include: coming out, GFY, divorce, domestic abuse, assault, the appropriate care of household pets, and bicycles. Ambitious, see?

It doesn't work. Things fall flat, everything's sweet and utterly missable, the issues you think are issues turn out to be total non-issues, and the characters are likeable in dim, well-intentioned ways. Normally entertainment for entertainment's sake is all I ask for from life, but Merrow is a terrific writer and this was a let-down only because her previous books had raised the bar so high.

I did love the humour though, and the bit about the sexy Sherlock shirts had me laughing my head off, but this trend of trying to pack as much as humanly possible into romances continues to mystify me.

Not especially recommended.