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Wacky Wednesday - J.A. Rock Dom and sub swap bodies for a day. The usual inversions and hijinks ensue.

I liked the comedic timing of this one, though there were a few moments when it went a little too far into sitcom territory. Still, there's something to be said for a BDSM story that tries to use levity as a way of exploring power dynamics.

Jayk was the best kind of brat: bad enough to be spankishly fun, but not so infantilised that you couldn't take his issues seriously. I really liked that the author didn't solve all his problems; the story was mostly about recognising what they actually were. And he had friends! Actual friends outside his relationship, who relied on him and needed him. Massive kudos to the author for rounding him out like that.

Amon was a little less distinct to me as a character. I got the more immediate bits of his personality, but it was all packaged together a little too conveniently. Still, I liked the way he came to all his revelations, and the author was an incredibly good sport about keeping their voices distinct and very in-character, even though the chapters flip back and forth between the two. I did have a moment or two of getting confused between Jayk's real voice as opposed to Jayk-pretending-to-be-Amon's voice, but the fact that those moments were so rare is testament to the author's control over the story.

The switching stuff was the only thing that didn't ring all the way true. Something about it felt very hurried, like we were supposed to take it on faith that the switch inclination would naturally follow on from all the other reversals. Because maybe ... they don't? Or if they do, maybe there's more emotional repercussions from it? I dunno. Something.

Still, a really competent, solid, funny exploration of the trope. Recommended.