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Heart of Obsidian  (Psy-Changeling, #12) - Nalini Singh Eh. Nothing new to see here. Cataclysmic end is finally upon us, Singh's still doing that thing where she makes shit up every couple of pages to help the plot when it gets into a jam (hero stuck in a tub of rocks? Kaleb's Tk power turns everything within a five-mile radius into tapioca! Heroine develops a stutter? Totally normal for Psy designation PJWkRvxxcT!), a slightly deranged man has boring sex with a damaged woman, someone's got deep blue eyes like sapphires drenched in amethysts, etc etc.

The world building is plodding but solid enough, though the plot moves at its usual glacial pace. The villain is given the traditional four or five opportunities for repetitive, unhelpful exposition. The female character goes through a character transformation that ends with her being able to dance in a long flowing skirt. Kaleb says this:

"Men," he said at last, body as motionless as stone and voice without inflection, "aren't supposed to be raped."

Thank god for women, children, and domesticated livestock, eh?

Extra star is for the batsignal that this series is almost over. Please let me have read that right.