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Is This Anyway to Run an Airline?

A reblog from Josh Lanyon.  I see his point, though the bit about authors bringing 'everything' to the table might need a little discussion.  Still, these are all my reservations about BL as it exists now.  Every single GR migrant is going to want forums.  I hope BL is listening.







Unable to sleep last night, I began to flip through a stack of Publisher Weeklys in hopes of knocking myself out. I came across an article on Goodreads. Or, more exactly, on the reaction of indie booksellers to Amazon's acquisition of Goodreads. It's sad, I don't deny it, and when I saw the various alternative social media sites listed in the article, I'm happy to support indie booksellers as best I can (as an indie author) I vowed to check these alternative sites out.


BookLikes was one of them.


The problem here is instantly obvious -- there are no forums, there are no authors, there are no forums for authors, there is no real interface and no potential for real interface. This is pretty much like the crash and burn of Shelfari -- but without the potential for entertaining fireworks.




Can I say this any more plainly? While it is true that authors descend like locusts on any given site and overwhelm it unless the site has established serious boundaries, NO authors means your boundary is the fence around a graveyard. Initially, on a social media site such as this one, it's the authors bringing everything -- from the bread and butter to the key lime pie -- to the table.


Or to be even more blunt: when I have more followers than a social media site, I have to wonder why I would spend time and energy on that site?  


 I'm not saying I'm outta here, but I am saying, I'm not impressed so far. But it's early days, and I'll be checking out all the possibilities, checking out Zola and Riffle and Bookish too, and seeing if any of them are going to add value to the conversation -- or if it's just going to be the same old chatter.