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Dirty Laundry - Heidi Cullinan It was .... I don't know ... instructional? I couldn't swear to it, but I think the ratio of actual narrative to information about anxiety disorders was something like 1:3. You might want to check that though, I tuned out after a while.

It's interesting in parts -- the dynamic between Adam and his ex is particularly compelling, with all the ex's insidious reinforcing of Adam's insecurities providing a nice counterpoint to Adam and Denver's relationship. I did like how Adam didn't get 'cured', and how consistent his anxieties about living spaces were. I liked that Denver had problems of his own that forced him to contextualise Adam's.

I had a deeply blah moment about the token trans character who performed her token BFF duties without any real storyline to call her own. Even if she was just being introduced as background work for a later book, she brought nothing to the story beyond being a bland sort of sounding board for Adam. Waste of a promising character.

The sex was hot, the d/s stuff worked well, Adam was consistent and reliable with all his triggers, and Denver was likeable. If the author had pulled back a little on all the pamphlet information, the story behind all the good intentions would have flowed a little better for me, and I wouldn't have been as detached from it. I like causes and flying the flag for them as much as the next person, but a little balance makes the medicine go down, as it were.

Recommended, with caveats.