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30 day challenge: Days 1 & 2

Because I'm from the future, that's why:


1.  Best book I read last year


The Last Unicorn, by Peter S. Beagle.  My 2012 comfort read.  It's lulling and haunting and lovely, but there's also an irresistible wickedness and slyness to it.  There's magic, and the prosaic, slow passing of time (which is magic too), and dialogue that could bring the dead back to life.  I love the language best, I think: the lilting, assured charm of it, but I probably like the story better.  Because it's a story about unicorns and how there's no place for them at all in the world, and this is Beagle saying goodbye to them, from all of us.  


2.  A book I've read more than 3 times


A Duke of Her Own, by Eloisa James.  The final book in the Desperate Duchess series, which I only sweated through because I wanted to see my beloved Villiers settled.  And he does, with the best and most fabulous of women.  It's a wonderful read; James's stories don't always reconcile her native wryness with the demands of the genre and very often her stories read like they're struggling to contain her humour, but she channels it effortlessly in this book.  The dialogue is sharp and bright, the characters are warm and sincere, and she does an exceptional job of training all the POVs into a tight, seamless narrative.  I think it's the best HR out there.