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I read smut.  


Shitloads of smut.

30 day book challenge: Days 4, 5, 6, and 7.

4. Favourite book of my favourite series


The slashiest of Holmes stories: The Adventure of the Three Garridebs, which I think we can all agree was Doyle handwaving plot in favour of subtext hearts and flowers.  This is the one where Holmes smiles an awful lot, calls the good doctor 'My Watson', and flies into a possessive rage over damage caused to Watson's fine, firm body.  Good times.



5. A book that makes me happy


The Princess Bride, by William Goldman.  Literary sunshine in a jar.  Everything about this book makes my life a little better.



6. A book that makes me sad


The line between enjoyable melancholy and maudlin wallowing is almost impossible to describe; all books are demons, and how far in you allow them is so subjective as to invite ridicule.  I'll never read The God of Small Things without ugly crying.



7. A book that makes me laugh


Granchester Grind, by Tom Sharpe.  Not uniformly good, but when it's funny it's unstoppable.