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I read smut.  


Shitloads of smut.

30 day book challenge: Days 8-13

8.  Most overrated book (s)


Stephen King's Dark Tower books, which bore the daylights out of me, and -- I realise I'm signing my own death warrant here -- everything I've read so far by Bujold. Goodbye world, and really I'm just happy if I've helped one other person out there come to terms with their ambivalence.  


9.   A book I thought I wouldn't like but ended up loving


ASoIaF.  Of course I would.  Of course I would get hooked on a series that's currently averaging thirty years between books.  


10. A book that reminds you of home


The LoTR trilogy.  It's the first high fantasy, truly long series I can remember reading and re-reading and re-reading until I did what all 13 year-olds inevitably do after too much Lord of the Rings which was to write truly awesome fanfiction.    


11. A book I hated


The Good Earth, by Pearl S. Buck, which made me dread life and growing older and made me feel the weight of expectation that my parents and extended family had of my generation. It didn't just have cultural correlations; it also had that terrible sense of guilt and passive acceptance that was a very strong part of how my mother's people functioned.  I still can't read the book today without feeling history's foot on the back of my neck.


12.  A book I love and hate at the same time


Probably The God of Small Things again.