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I read smut.  


Shitloads of smut.

30 day book challenge: Days 14-25

Catching up!



14.  Book turned movie and completely desecrated


The 2007 Mike Newell adaptation of Love in the Time of Cholera.  Terrible, terrible movie.



15. Favourite male character


Akaky Akakievich from The Overcoat.  Poopy pants Akaky!


Or Batman.  


Okay some days, both.



16. Favourite female character


Granny Weatherwax.



17.  Favourite quote from my favourite book


“It is so fatally easy to make young children believe that they are horrible.” 



18. A book that disappointed me


Fucking Leviathan, man.  A year of my life I'll never get back.



19. Favourite book turned into a movie


Sense and Sensibility.  Awesome canon, brilliant fanvid.  



20. Favourite romance novel


Come on now.



21. The first novel I remember reading


Probably some Enid Blyton thing, though I can remember reading The Jungle Book very early on.  



22. A book that makes me cry


Wild Brides by Laura Kasischke.  Stupid sad poems with their stupid faces making stupid noises.



23.  A book I've wanted to read for a long time but still haven't.


Middlesex.  I want to ... and then I don't.  I'm gonna! ... just not today.  Etc.



24.  A book that I wish more people would've read


I just want more Pterry fans clustered around me, warming me with their body heat while we try and invent new Vetinari-ish codes.