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Sexton phones it in

Never a Hero  - Marie Sexton

Poorly characterised and barely plotted, this one pushes the envelope that much further with the inclusion of terrible female characters.  Even the little sister (with the uncannily exact same disability) has some of her agency removed by making her a flake who just jumps from interest to interest (she's not really a person in her own right anyway; she's mainly a foil for one of the MCs and then conveniently disappears when her job's done).


I really did not expect to strike out on a Sexton.  If there's one thing she does well, it's chase a story down and nail it to the ground.  This one felt like she'd left it a week before deadline so frantically set out trying to find the thing that would take the least time to write while still giving her maximum bang for buck.  And what does that better than a disability and a potentially life-threatening illness? That shit just writes itself, right?


I wish it had.


Not recommended.